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And I can tell now by the way that you’re looking at me

I’d better finish this song so my lips will be free

13 January 1983
This journal is only active for community use as of right now. If you have any questions, comment somewhere.
56 hope road, acoustic rock, adult swim, alison krauss, animals, aqua teen hunger force, asian culture, audio, banjo, baseball, billie holiday, bluegrass, blues, boxing, boyz ii men, broadway, bucky, card games, cardinals, cats, chapelle show, chickens, china, chinese, chris farley, chris rock, comedy, computer games, concerts, country, dane cook, dean martin, documentaries, dogs, driving, eke, erin bode, etta james, evanescence, excersize, family guy, fish, folk, football, foreign language, frank sinatra, funk, futurama, game, games, gaming, get fuzzy, hip hop, hockey, homestar runner, indie, inner peace, inspiration, ireland, italy, jamiroquai, janet jackson, japan, japanese, jason mewes, jazz, jennifer paige, john mayer, john mayer trio, karaoke, karate, kelly clarkson, kenpo, kevin smith, kill bill, kill bill volume 2, kung fu, live music, love, madahoochi, mandolin, martial arts, meditation, michael jackson, michelle branch, milkman dan, mindy smith, missouri, movies, music, myspace, nat "king" cole, nat king cole, natalie cole, native american, nickel creek, norah jones, nunchucku, overreacting, piano, pimp my ride, play, plays, poetry, pop, pulp fiction, quotes, r&b, radio, rams, rascal flatts, reading, red meat, relaxation, religion, richard marx, rob, rock, romance, running, sai, sarah mclachlan, satchel, scotland, sheryl crow, singing, south park, spain, sports, st. louis, stevie wonder, strongbad, swords, tai chi, television, terri clark, the cheat, the kinleys, the wreckers, tigers, toni braxton, unrequited love, verizon, video, video games, weapons, will ferrell, world saxaphone quartet